e-Stewards Certification at EPC, Inc.

Developed by the Basel Action Network (BAN) in response to the export of toxic e-waste, the e-Stewards standard was designed to enable organizations who dispose of end-of-life electronic equipment to easily identify recyclers who adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection. E-Stewards takes the ISO 14001 standard and adds emphases to the following:

• Health and safety
• Reuse and refurbishment of electronic equipment
• Data security
• Management of e-waste
• Material recovery
• Exportation of e-waste
• Site closure
• Insurance
• Mass balance calculation

What this means to you:

By being e-Stewards certified, EPC is committed to preventing the flow of hazardous waste from rich countries to less developed nations. Additionally, EPC strives to…
• Facilitate due diligence for end-of-life (EOL) electronics
• Ensure proper downstream management of the recycling chain
• Help reduce recycler’s insurance costs and minimize liability

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