EPC’s “Pre-Black Friday” Sale – Tech You Need Now

I have to be plain – I am NOT a fan of Black Friday Sales. Get up at the crack of dawn. Wake the children (and their Instagram accounts – sigh). Bundle up like an Antarctic Wayfaring Team in pursuit of scientific knowledge. Brave usually-un-roped lines and other members of the human race* who will crush your windpipe for a larger television for less. Yeah, how can one not like that, right?

When it comes to Black Friday, the wants are clear:

1.) Get great technology deals
2.) Get them at a price that can’t be matched usually.
3.) Get back home for turkey sandwiches and Netflix/Hulu Marathons.
4.) Let the napping begin.

What’s really exciting is that getting three of these four necessities, AND avoiding all of the bad things is simple – with EPC. EPC’s having their “Pre-Black Friday Sale this week Monday-Wednesday, that offers you the best off-lease, business-grade technology deals possible. Let me explain.

— iPad Mini 2’s – Only $150: We all understand the power of portable computing and when it comes to entertainment, tablets are really changing the landscape when it comes to technology. During EPC’s “Pre-Black Friday Sale” you’ll get a real Apple iPad Mini 2 – for just $150. While I love telling people to steer towards less-expensive items than what Apple offers typically – when you can get the real deal tech, for a great price, well – you MUST buy.



— Walk In, Buy a System – Get a Free LCD Monitor: I am and have been a multi-monitor user for YEARS now and for those of you that haven’t jumped into the multi-monitor ring? You can do it for FREE, just by buying any computer system at EPC during their “Pre-Black Friday Sale” this week. Start learning the value of having more than one monitor. while the productivity advantages are clear, the satisfaction power while watching entertainment is something you really have to experience first-hand.



— 15% Off All Laptops: I am a hardcore laptop user. Whether it’s building campaigns for marketing efforts, building new graphics, editing podcasts or making pictures and graphics for my wife’s social clubs, it’s almost ALWAYS on a laptop. Imagine if you could get name-brand, business-grade laptops, of varying configurations, and screen sizes – for 15% Off?  EPC’s got a variety of laptop systems that will fit your needs. Whether you’re a student, a worker focusing on work-from-home options, or a power user like me – there are cost-effective options for you at EPC during their “Pre-Black Friday Sale.”

Are you ready to take advantage of THREE WHOLE DAYS of shopping power, to get the best, super-affordable, business-grade computer gear? I bet you are.

If you are, fill out the form below to start the process of shopping for any of the details I mention above.

If not? No problem. Let your pre-dawn, pseudo-scientific expedition in search of frustration this Friday – begin!