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There were some great articles on this week relating to Data Security. Here they are plus a selection of the best IT Data Security articles in the last week: Heartland CEO: QSAs Let Us Down In the review of what led to the Heartland credit card breach, Heartland’s CEO Robert Carr points to the […]

Seesmic Desktop Beta available: Thanks to the great video podcast, Tekzilla, I found a great twitter client in the style of TweetDeck that improves on the original in several ways. You have to sign up for their mailing list to be added to the beta test, but it is completely worth it. Hack Twitter, Get […]

A study conducted by Australian scientists found that employees who participate in “workplace Internet leisure browsing” (WILB) are actually more productive than their coworkers who do not. We’re not talking about those who have Internet addictions and spend the majority of their work time online. Rather, this applies to employees who spent less than 20% […]

Internet Explorer 8 Released. Improvements include: Smart Address Bar, Tab Groups, and Find in Page is now a task bar (finally). Microsoft Support Flooded with Complaints after IE 8 released. Top issues reported include: website printing, image positioning, slow boot times, and a bug dragging images into Facebook. Microsoft Released new security assesment tool. The […]

Here are a few quick computer and security news articles from this week: Mother sues Apple over exploding iPod Touch Supposedly the iPod was in her child’s pocket in the off position. The kid felt a hotness from his pocket, looked down and was on fire. The mother is suing Apple and 10 Apple store […]