On-Premise Destruction

Watch Us Destroy Your Data Onsite!

Is your company stockpiling surplus hard drives and related media in need of a HIPAA, FACTA or GLB compliant disposal solution?

EPC’s On-Site Services Team  provides customized data security solutions for specialized projects where other recyclers fear to tread.  EPC’s certified and trained IT technicians are available to consult, advise and implement non-conventional data security solutions for clients anywhere in the United States and Canada.

DDRV Truck Secure Data Destruction

EPC, Inc.’s fleet of  Data Destruction & Recycling Vehicles (DDRV) are the nation’s top solution for onsite destruction. Contact a representative of EPC, Inc.’s Asset Recovery Solutions department today to discuss how we can develop a program based on the following features and processes:

  1. On-site destruction is scheduled by EPC, Inc. Asset Recovery Solutions sales team members
  2. Destruction is performed on-site within the confines of client docks or related work area
  3. Processing on-site fully eliminates chain of custody concerns for clientele
  4. Entire process is recorded within the client’s website – a hard copy is presented to client upon completion of project
  5. EPC, Inc. personnel and equipment need only the space to work – power, etc. is provided by EPC, Inc.
  6. 26 foot box truck is equipped with a shredder mounted within the bed of the truck for all media destruction
  7. Media destruction includes hard drives to 2 inches in thickness, tapes, cell phones, PDAs, etc.

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