Other Services

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EPC, Inc.  provides a great variety of other  IT related services to compliment our global IT Asset Recovery programs. They include:

Used Computer Repair UpgradeComputer Upgrades and Repairs

Computer feeling under the weather? Need a better video card to play the latest games? Need more RAM to get your work done faster? Our award-winning Tech Services Department will have your computer in tip-top fighting shape in no time flat.

Data RecoveryData Recovery

Have you lost personal information and can’t figure out the steps back to being whole? Is your company data caught in a hard drive crash? Have you deleted the wrong file? Our Tech Services Department can help you recover your data now!

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Choosing a good and reliable website host can help you harness the marketing power of the internet. EPC, Inc. understands the importance of your website in relation to your company’s success. We work hard to keep our clients’ sites running, all day, every day. Are you ready to change the way you host your business’ website?

Spam Filtering

SPAM Filtering

Spend more time dealing with SPAM than reading real email messages? Worried about email viruses? EPC can provide comprehensive SPAM, Virus and Malware filtering solutions for your business.

Training Room Rental

Have an upcoming training session? Need to host a conference? Ready to PWN in your next LAN Party? Rent our training room, complete with it’s own self-contained internet network, and let us take care of it!

It’s never been clearer to understand that EPC, Inc. is your one-step technology solutions experience. Come and visit us today!