Charitable Donations

You already know you can’t just “throw away” your old computers. Have you thought about donating it?

EPC, Inc. is proud to provide a service that allows you to not only donate your antiquated computer and electronics equipment, but also allows your reformatted equipment to be used to those less fortunate. After receiving your submission, EPC, Inc. will ensure that the data from your computer is responsibly destroyed, and then designates that equipment to be used by the many organizations and efforts that contact EPC, Inc regularly for charity donations. It’s another step in charity benefit, that provides a great “everyone wins” scenario.

You get your old computers and electronics out of your basement or garage.

The charity receives operable, trailing edge technology that helps them achieve the goals they need at a much lower cost.

EPC, Inc. succeeds in helping more customers who tell other customers about the success they’ve achieved with us.

EPC, Inc. also has a direct line to responsibly recycling equipment that is simply too old to put back into service. All of which is achieved via our “NO OVERSEAS SHIPPING & ZERO LANDFILL” policy that ensures greener days for the world around us.

When you add the CDP to the growing charitable events and programs listing EPC, Inc. has been growing over the years, the good that’s being done is staggering. CDP, working along side our annual Charity Classic Carfest, our Chow for Charity efforts helping disadvantaged local families, it’s clear to see that EPC, Inc. has established a strong community bond that makes the difference.

Putting your surplus IT equipment to good use has never been easier! Contact us to get your first step forward rolling.