Data Security

Every organization, business and effort is under tremendous pressure to protect personal or non-public information that may exist inside IT hardware. Federal regulations like Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), and Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), make it absolutely critical that secure data destruction of corporate proprietary and clientele confidential information. This data needs to be properly removed from hard drives whenever disposal of surplus or end-of-life IT equipment takes place. The unfortunate fact is that a single data security breach has the potential to put your organization at serious risk for lawsuits, fines, horrific publicity, and diminished corporate revenues – even imprisonment for the individuals involved. It is absolutely critical that IT asset managers understand the issues involved and exercise due diligence in selecting outside vendors to participate in their organizations’ IT disposal process.

Electronics Recycling

Responsible organizations realize there is no “free lunch” in IT recycling. Even alternatives like donation or employee purchase carry a very significant risk, because the liability for environmental hazards may fall back on the originating party with penalties applied against all involved parties. Partnering with an experienced electronics recycler like EPC, that is truly committed to proper procedures is the best and safest way to serve the public interest and protect your organization from state, federal and established International penalties.

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Product Returns Management

Logistics management is critical aspect of IT disposal. Many IT asset recovery firms lack the expertise to choose the right strategy or carrier for an individual project. Others approach logistics with a “one size fits all” philosophy by bundling shipping costs in with the recycling cost they quote the customer. This often results in the customer paying way too much for IT disposal services.

Remarketing Services

Reuse is recognized as the friendliest form of recycling.

Many IT assets have a residual market value subsequent to their use within your place of business. Once corporate and customer data is sufficiently removed with verification, why not allow EPC, Inc. to maximize any remaining value your no longer serviceable IT equipment might hold? Reuse is recognized as the friendliest form of recycling – too often we take the terminology to mean the tearing down of a product to raw feed stock for reuse in new product.

What we have been up to…

EPC, Inc.
is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing

EPC Inc. is responsible for the processing of CSI lessee equipment returns throughout North America and within numerous countries overseas.  While we process 60,000 serialized assets each month at our processing facilities, only about 25 percent of those are actually CSI lease return assets. The balance being company owned assets, whether they are from CSI clientele, prospects or otherwise.  All of which need at least some portion of, or some variation of, our multi-layered global ITAD services program.

What others say about us…

We needed a nationwide disposal solution that minimized the security and environmental risks associated with the disposition of leased and owned IT.

“We have used EPC for over ten years now. They give us confidence, peace of mind and a terrific time savings over others. They continue to provide a complete disposal process with returns, monetary honesty and friendly individuals taking care of my needs.

Due to audit requirements, we have to have on-site destruction of media were we can provide proof of proper destruction. EPC is able to pull up to our site and destroy all the media we give them quickly and securely. The media never leaves our possession, we witness its shredding and we have supporting documentation that completely satisfies all the stringent audit requirements that our company must adhere to.

We are responsible for the safe pack, wrap and outbound freight of thousands of IT assets annually, from several high visibility corporations. Our chosen service providers prior to EPC were having ongoing service failures which were no longer sustainable within our business relations and that of our client, and our lessors.

90,000 Assets

processed each month

3,000 Items

recycled each week

100,000 Miles

driven each month

$179,670 Raised

for children’s charities

3,000,000 Pounds

of e-waste recycled yearly

10,000 Hard Drives

shredded each month