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EPC, Inc. is your one-stop experience for qualified, responsible end of life of IT asset handling.

Since Executive Personal Computers (EPC, Inc.) was founded in 1984, we have been providing that expertise with solutions that help customers maximize return and minimize both the data security and environmental risks, which are associated with the disposition of a surplus of IT assets. Today more than ever before, corporate America understands the need for professional handling of end of life electronics. EPC provides professional, seamless solutions and technologies that allow our clientele to rest assured that their interests are protected and their risks are minimized.

Find out how EPC’s responsible disposition practices can help you with your end of life IT assets.

Environmental Policy

EPC is committed to the prevention of pollution, promoting worker health and safety, protecting workers rights to a workplace free of harassment and discrimination, maintaining a workplace free from harmful pollutants and hazardous conditions, compliance with environmental legislation and accountability for all hazardous e-waste and recycling per the Basel Convention. In addition, EPC takes a strong stance on social accountability, including a prohibition of forced and child labor, engages in a moratorium on prison labor and proactively consults with clients concerning their data security. Through programs emphasizing ongoing training and awareness, EPC sustains continual improvement as well as conformance to the requirements of our environmental management system.

Updated: 10/26/2020

Our Mission

EPC, Inc. is one of the premier global IT Asset Disposition providers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most seamless solutions for maximizing return and minimizing the risks associated with data security and improper handling of end of life IT assets.

Sustainability Statement

EPC is committed to preserving natural resources, reducing landfilling, minimizing waste generation and limiting water and energy consumption. We also believe in transparency in tracking and reporting our internal green initiatives.

In order to keep our clients aware of their own contributions to our green initiative, we provide full sustainability reporting through our customized online client portal. With these sustainability reports, clients can track the amount of each specific component (i.e. steel, plastic, circuit  boards, etc.) that have been recovered from their assets and recycled.

EPC’s internal efforts combined with the availability of client sustainability reporting are integral to maintaining our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint.

EPC Processing Facilities

Our History

Founded in 1984, EPC, Inc. has grown from a local provider of sales and services of personal computers to one of the largest resellers of used IT gear in the Midwest, and one of the premier IT Asset Recovery Solution providers in the United States.

Since 1998, EPC, Inc. has been a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing, one of the largest independent IT leasing specialists in the world, with operations in North, Central and South America, and throughout Europe. With the financial backing and support of our parent, CSI Leasing, we will continue to provide quality services to customers worldwide.

Our current staff of over 450 provides services throughout the US and Canada at our geographically located facilities totaling over 300,000 square feet of sales and production space. We continue to grow in both staff and facility to better serve our expanding customer base and hope that you’ll choose EPC, Inc. to provide you world-class IT Asset Recovery services.

Grand Opening February 2001

Our Certifications

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