Saying Goodbye to an Old (36″) Friend…

I can remember the first time I saw a “large screen TV.”

It was a 36”, gigantic Magnavox CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television that was in the Electronics department at my local Walmart and had our family name written all over it.  As our first wedding anniversary eased into our crosshairs, along with my wife’s Walmart-based discount, we eventually pulled the trigger on our new, electronically-inclined family member and brought it home – heaved it home was probably more apt.  Going from a 20 inch television to an epic 36” motherload of black plastic and huge CRT tube was literally vision-changing in our house.  Everything was more crisp.  Colors POPPED out from our newly-cornered visual companion. Closed captions were like miniature billboards and life was good as we welcomed our tandem anniversary present and newfound family member home.

That was 1996.

While the picture has remained excellent, new technologies, wow factors and the want for something more have since creeped into our home.  We’ve since gone plasma in our home theater, but the old friend remained in our home, in another room, delivering the large, brilliant screen details over the years that have been the source of many smiles, tears, laughs, furrowed-eyebrows and more.

Recently, our friend’s technological run came to an end.

The once brilliant CRT picture flickered, faded and eventually popped once too many times and it was gone.  Where does one take a mammoth, once-like-a-family-member piece of electronics after it’s days have been measured and ended to be recycled responsibly?

EPC, Inc. recently participated in yet another great, one-of-a-kind recycling event with another local St. Louis-based company, The Sound Room, providing owners of televisions long past their prime the opportunity to not only get into a great new television, but to ensure that their old electronic friends are  recycled responsibly.  The Sound Room offered people the chance to bring in their old television at no charge, and receive a gift card that they could use to purchase one of the new, greener and featured-filled televisions available at both of their locations in Creve Coeur and Chesterfield, MO.

It was a resounding success.

More than 300 old, past-their-prime televisions were taken in, including one I’m more familiar with than others, and will be recycled at EPC, Inc’s Escrap Processing Center in Earth City, MO.  There each of the pieces will be parted out by one of the skilled Demanufacture Technicians.  From there the collected components and materials will be sent to US-based remanufacturers to create new electronic items, and the best part?  Nothing is put into any landfill as per EPC’s Zero Landfill Policy.

While I was very sad to have to say goodbye to a friend that delivered so much entertainment, information and memories to my family and I, it was great to know that The Sound Room and EPC, Inc. are paving the way for responsible, green, economic driving services to help everyone in our community and beyond.

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