5 Strangest Returns to EPC, Inc. – Part 1

EPC, Inc. has been fortunate enough to become a juggernaut in the IT Asset Recovery business and our reputation as one of the best solutions for end-of-life IT equipment continues to grow.

Those of you that consider “IT equipment” computers, printers, servers and more – you’re absolutely right. The vast majority of equipment returned falls into these categories, but you may be surprised what makes its way back to EPC.

First, a bit of background. EPC, Inc. is owned by CSI Leasing, one of the world’s largest IT lessors that provide leased equipment around the globe. Companies will receive, for example, 2,200 new computer systems, and the now off-lease equipment is acquired by EPC, Inc. and sold to schools, businesses, people in our 5,500 sq ft retail showroom – anyone that wants to save money. This “IT Equipment received back off-lease also includes some items you’d have never thought would grace the halls EPC.

Not only does this first of many listings of “weird returns to EPC, Inc.” make for an interesting read, it’s also a great way for those looking for the “out of the ordinary” to find solutions thanks to EPC, Inc.

5.) Medical Centrifuge: Centrifuges are machines that rapidly spin fluids to separate substances of different densities by using centrifugal force to produce a form of artificial gravity. They come in from medical companies of all kinds when medical equipment is upgraded.

4.) X-ray Machine: Yes, those machines that you see inside of hospitals, medical clinics and dentists office across the nation that are taking pictures of bones, screws, metal plates and foreign objects eventually make their way into EPC, Inc.

3.) Baby Incubator: Incubators are busy helping children across the world cruise faster towards their first steps and when they’re replaced via their lease, the old ones eventually end up at EPC, Inc.

2.) Airport security X-ray Machine: With security across the globe converting to something more advanced, we’ll surely be seeing these devices arriving back in more quantity. The units are in general much smaller than you’d think and serve as a perfect off-lease platform for businesses that want to increase their overall security.

…and at number 1…

1.) Helium Neon Laser: These lasers, typically used to test industrial and scientific optics make for the top of the “weird” listing for this entry. Most of us will never come into contact much less “see” a laser and it’s great to at least see a device like this in real life before it’s sold to its next owner.

Thanks for taking the time to read this first of many “Strangest Returns at EPC, Inc., and be sure to stay tuned to the EPC, Inc. blog for the next edition!

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