Do I Need Virus Protection For My Apple Computer?

With roughly 600,000 computers worldwide infected with the Flashback Trojan is your computer protected? For years many people have had the assumption that if they are using a Mac then they do not have to worry about viruses or malware, but with more people using apple products today you can almost guarantee that they will become the focus of attack. No system is 100% safe from viruses or malware. If you are a home user, do you care if your families pictures are destroyed when your computer becomes unusable do to a virus? Do you care if your tax information and social security number is released online because you have a Trojan on your computer? If you are a corporation you could face serious legal problems if client information is released on the internet. Lucky for you it is not very hard to protect your computer from viruses and malware. Below are just a few free and pay for anti-virus programs that you can use to protect yourself from threats.


Kaspersky – Free Flashback Removal Tool
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Avast Download

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Pay For

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