How Many Hurdles are In Between a Thief and Your Phone’s Data?

Let’s face it: If you can rember 5 phone numbers of even your family members in today’s time (unless it’s part of a jingle), you are on the cusp of being an informational genius at this point.

Today, we as technology-addicted humans put in not just phone numbers, but intimate family-based information, account numbers to insurance and bill-paying outlets of all kinds and most importantly: PASSWORDS to the stuff that helps you and/or your company make money.

But what are you doing to protect that literal electronic treasure trove you have on your phone? A recent article over at CNN.Com (listed below) has found that only one in three smartphone users are using a password to protect their data. That means that 7 people, literally have an open-door policy to – well – anyone. Having just changed phone companies (oddly enough, to the exact same phone, just a different carrier) I realized as I was choosing the passcode for my new technological terror how as a connected IT professional, just how critical it is to have a password in place.


At any one time, I have access to company’s websites, my own websites, personal information of every kind all within a moments touch to help me make my day more productive, and to have one, mobile, digital “place” to get all of the information right now. And THAT’s why there’s a passcode, not only to get “into” my phone, but also the information management software that’s on my phone.

What are YOU and the people (especially your sales staffs) doing to help ensure that if one of their phones, with sensitive customer information were found/stolen? Are you using a password to block instant access to your mobile phone’s content? Read the article via the link below and then tell us here what YOU and your company have implemented to prevent the true nightmare scenario…

“Three of 10 Smartphone Users Don’t Use Passwords” at CNN.Com

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