Data Breach

All of us have been into a restaurant in the last 30 days. What would happen if you knew that in addition to taking your order, the data from your ATM/Debit and/or Credit Card were also not only used in your transaction, but TAKEN – stolen in what is sure to become one of the largest data breaches of the year so far? That’ll put a foul taste in your mouth, but also a chill down your spine when you consider how many people it effects.

While this makes the baked potato, chicken sandwich or Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger a bit more on the sour side – what if it were YOUR company that was in the data breach headlines? Have you ever run through the scenario not “if” but “when” it happens in your company.

wendys-image-data-breachResearch shows that – sadly – most companies haven’t and eventually, it will cost you dearly. The blow to your reputation, the cost to ensure that the people and businesses effected are protected, and the publicly-initiated impact are all a blow few companies are prepared to take on and survive. While your company may not be as large, or as public as the one in question here, the always-there question remains:

What if it was YOUR company in the spotlight?

Is YOUR company exposed? What is your company’s “Data Destruction” policy? Do you even have one? It’s time to implement a trusted, NAID-certified ITAD/Data Destruction solution now, and that solution starts with EPC, Inc.With more than 30 years in business, and 9 locations in North America, we stand ready to protect your data, your reputation and your company’s future.

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