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Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better When It Comes to Computer Monitors

It’s not uncommon for shoppers looking to upgrade their monitor to seek out the biggest display they can afford.  This temptation is unsurprising – when one shops for a television, the physical size of the display is typically the most important decision – why would it be any different for a computer monitor?  To answer […]

Cell Phones Tell Secrets From The Grave!

Recent research, from Regenersis, suggests that close to 100% of all cell phones disposed of contain information that could be brought back to life. If not removed, all those pictures from Cancun… all the music you’ve downloaded… and yes, all those text messages to your mother can be retrieved! So next time you upgrade to the latest […]

Would you like paper, or plastic?

House Democrats recently re-introduced a bill that would impose a $0.05 fee on all single-use plasic bags. The fee would take effect January 1st, 2010 and actually be increased to $0.25 in 2015. This would really make reusable grocery bags an absolute no-brainer for everyone. You can pick them up at your local grocery store, or Wal-Mart, for […]

Recycle Your Computer AND Feed the Hungry!

In celebration of Earth Day, EPC will be donating all public recycling fees to a local food bank. There is a $5 per item charge for EPC to recycle your old computers and electronics. But from April 18th – 26th, EPC will be donating those fees to a local food bank. Additionally, individuals can donate […]

Redbirds Go Green – Cardinals add Recycling to their Lineup

The grass in Busch Stadium isn’t the only thing green this baseball season. Now in its second season, the St. Louis Cardinals’ “For a Greener Game” campaign continues to recycle the trash that fans leave behind in the stands. Last season, stadium employees collected and recycled 220 tons of cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic that, […]

The DDRV is heading to Texas… YeeHaw!

This Saturday, Josh & Dan are headed to Texas in DDRV 2. They’ll be heading through several major cities from St. Louis, including Oklahoma City, San Marcos and Austin, Texas, shredding thousands of hard drives as they go. It’s always an adventure with these two, so I’m looking forward to hearing what Josh will Twitter […]

EPC to Provide Electronics Recycling Education at St. Louis Earth Day

One of the oldest Earth Day celebrations in the Midwest, the 2009 St. Louis Earth Day Festival, is being held in Forest Park on 4/26 from 11am-6pm.  As the area’s leading recycler of electronics, EPC has been asked to educate the more than 25,000 festival participants about electronics recycling. Stop by  our educational booth at this year’s […]

Earth Hour ’09 – Turn out. Take action.

With only a few days left, this year’s “Earth Hour” is gaining momentum and is well on its way to being the largest climate event in history. At 8:30 pm, on Saturday, March 28, the twinkling lights of Broadway will shut down… the Acropolis, in Athens, will go dim… and Seattle’s Space Needle will fade into the […]