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Are Hackers Tracking You via Your Cell Phone?

While it sounds like something from the movie Enemy of the State, new research from the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering indicates that attackers can capture the same information used by cellphone companies to track cellular handsets to pinpoint a target’s location. This attack leverages features of the GSM communication stack to […]

Playbook security hole makes personal information available

Research in Motion just cannot catch a break with their tablet, the Playbook. Not only are sales lagging behind Apple and Android offerings, forcing RIM to cut pricing to $299; but now security researchers have discovered email and other personal information could be stolen via malware. The security weakness is exploited using Playbook Bridge, a […]

Get Windows Group Members Using Powershell

I am a big fan of the Powershell scripting language for windows. I was recently asked how to verify what Windows and Active Directory accounts were assigned to groups across an entire domain. I found a script to get the group members for an individual group on an individual computer at Powershell.com. But I prefer […]

Hands-on with Windows 7 Mobile

Tested.com was recently at PAX and got their hands on several Windows 7 Mobile handsets. Since PAX is a gaming convention they focus on the gaming features of the new operating system. However, they do spend a fair amount of time going over how the operating system looks and feels, how the mobile search and […]

Do you know who your friends are?

It sounds like a plot out of one of a summer spy movie, but security researcher Thomas Ryan tested what would happen when posting a fake profile of a real-life Abby Scuito. The results? Over 300 “friends” in the military, information security, and intelligence fields, a few job offers, and invitations to security conferences.

Another Internet Explorer Vulnerability (…sigh)

Well, here we are again. A few weeks after Microsoft pushed out a critical patch to all versions of Internet Explorer, Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina, a security consultant with Core Security Technologies provided details of another attack against the beleaguered browser. This time, an attacker “may be able to access files with an already known […]