For thirty-five years, EPC Inc. has been helping every class of customer since its inception, and that tradition continues today. With facilities all over the world, EPC is fully equipped to handle your IT asset management needs.  We offer a variety of services to fit your needs:
  • SECURE DATA ERASURE: EPC, Inc. provides the SecureTrack program, a program where hard drives are sanitized according to guidelines described in NIST 800-88. Using the most certified data erasure software known, you can choose three-pass, seven-pass or greater to remove you sensitive data. SecureTrack renders your data ultimately unrecoverable.

  • PHYSICAL DATA DESTRUCTION: Additionally EPC, Inc. offers full data destruction via shredding of hard drives, tapes, and other media. The shredding can be performed at any of EPC’s processing facilities or on-site at your facility using one of our mobile hard drive shredders – our Data Destruction Recycling Vehicles (DDRV).

  • REMARKETING: After discovery, any IT equipment deemed salvageable will be audited by EPC technicians to discover any remaining value. If your equipment retains value in the market, EPC will purchase it from you at fair market value.

  • RECYCLING: Any equipment found to be obsolete or beyond repair will be de-manufactured in accordance with EPC’s Zero Landfill policy, all current state, federal and international environmental laws, and regulations.

Our ITAD logistics team consists of professionally trained staff highly qualified to handle your IT equipment either on-site at your facility or to extract, pack, wrap and transport to us. We are proud to maintain our position as a worldwide ITAD industry leader. Want more information on our services? Fill out the form below and find out what we can do for you.