Data Security

The Internet has made our world more accessible as the year’s have gone by. This is a good thing for everyone – a designation that includes those that would do your company harm. Data Theft and Corporate Embarrassment are two hallmarks your company should never experience. Start the building of peace of mind now by contacting EPC Inc.’s Data Security Services and begin building the protection your information and reputation your company deserves

IT Asset Disposition

The economy has given every company on the planet a rough ride over the last several years. How can companies find small ways to make impact on their budgets as the money fist clinches tighter during economic strife? IT Asset Disposition not only provides you a cost-effective, responsible way to destroy data, but in many cases offers companies the ability to collect raw profit for antiquated but re-marketable equipment. Learn more about how EPC Inc.’s Asset Recovery Services can enhance your budget now.


There has never been a more important time to step back and look at the impact we have on the environment. EPC Inc. is proud to provide not only a variety of electronic recycling services, but a promise to all of our customers that all of the materials collected are sent to only domestic remanufacturers, and nothing is ever put into a landfill as per EPC Inc.’s ZERO LANDFILL Policy. Learn more about the growing listing of Recycling Services from EPC Inc. now.

Service and Repairs

Is your computer “running slow?” Don’t know where those new icons came from? Maybe you need a RAM upgrade, or don’t have the skills to install a new SSD drive? Let the award-winning, Technical Services Staff at EPC, Inc. help you into a better situation by providing you with the benefits of more than 130 collective years of computer repair and service experience today! A free 15-minute check-up starts every customer service session at EPC, Inc. to get you on your way to better computing! Be sure to contact EPC, Inc’s award-winning Service and Repair Staff now.

Web Solutions

The number one priority for your website is that it be “up” – available customers inquiries to make your website a true marketing tool. Reliable website hosting is one of the most difficult to find, that is until EPC, Inc. started hosting websites. Email is also still a vital staple in the process of businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s the internal communications of your staff, customer communications detailing business, or vast archives of newsletter archives, Email still drives business. One of the most significant speedbumps in the communication process via Email however, is Spam. Are you ready to significantly reduce the amount of Spam in your Email communications? Find out more about ultra-flexible, cost-effective website solutions from EPC, Inc. now.