Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics refers to the process of managing products past the manufacturing stage. This flow of returned materials from consumer to retailer, retailer to distributor, or distributor to manufacturer, is also known as the reverse supply chain. The materials’ post-return activity can include repair, warranty recovery, redistribution, remarketing, end-of-life recycling, or any combination of these activities.

The ultimate goals of establishing a formal reverse logistics process are to recover remaining value from returned materials that would otherwise be lost in product disposal, improve efficiency in the reverse supply chain, and minimize waste – all of which can translate into additional revenue for a company’s bottom line.

What Makes EPC, Inc. Different?

One of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of IT disposal is logistics management.  Many IT asset recovery firms lack the expertise to choose the right strategy or carrier for an individual project. Others approach logistics with a “one size fits all” philosophy by bundling shipping costs in with the recycling cost they quote the customer. This often results in the customer paying way too much for IT disposal services.

Most importantly, few recyclers maintain adequate control over the transportation chain-of-custody, which could result in a security breach if your assets are lost or stolen in transit; or fines and penalties if assets wind up in a dumpster or unregulated landfill.  For these reasons, logistics management must be a core competency of the company you select for IT disposal.

EPC’s ITAD Solutions provide comprehensive logistics management solutions for organizations in a multitude of industries throughout the continental United States.  EPC works closely with clients every day on specific projects with an eye toward implementing and coordinating the safest, most cost-effective solution.

  • Full Service Shipping

    EPC will send an experienced, uniformed crew with the proper equipment and materials to safely pack and transport your assets to EPC’s nearest processing facility. Even if equipment is scattered on multiple floors throughout a building, or you do not have a loading dock; even if work needs to be performed after regular business hours, or on weekends; even if building management requires a Union crew – EPC can handle any quantity of equipment, from anywhere in the USA, on minimal notice, and at the lowest possible price!

  • Dock-To-Dock

    If your organization has a loading dock, and your personnel can stack the equipment on standard 4×4 pallets and securely shrink-wrap it for pickup, EPC, Inc. will arrange for transportation to our nearest processing facility via one of our preferred common carriers at a greatly reduced price versus full service. EPC, Inc. will provide your personnel with packing instructions to ensure your equipment travels safe and secure.

  • Drop Off / Self-Ship

    Clients can ship palletized equipment to EPC, Inc.’s nearest processing facility via their own company trucks, or via the common carrier of their choice, at no additional charge from EPC, Inc.

  • Small Package

    For quantities up to 150 pounds, clients can pack and ship equipment directly to EPC’s nearest processing facility, via small package carrier of their choice (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.), at no additional charge from EPC.

  • Custom Project Management

    EPC is well experienced in managing large scale cleanouts and de-commissioning projects that require multi-man crews or multiple work-days to accomplish the work. EPC, Inc. can arrange for specialized moving equipment to handle server room equipment or telecommunications gear safely, and within your time constraints.

  • True Worldwide Shipping Experience

    EPC has done business globally for every size of company there is. We pride ourselves on making the unique deals happen. We look forward to helping you manage your next shipment.

Product Return Management

EPC offers programs to lessees to streamline the lease returns process. As a lease returns manager and wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing, EPC is an expert at preparing equipment for return to a leasing company.  EPC can inventory equipment prior to return ensuring accurate returns and provide refurbishing services to repair damaged equipment, eliminating chargebacks from the lessor upon its return.

Our Process

EPC can collect and inventory due for return and provide detailed reports prior to return to ensure that all equipment is accounted for. Our data destruction processes ensure that no lessee owned data remains on the equipment when returned. Assets that are damaged can be identified and refurbished, significantly reducing the chance of chargebacks upon receipt.