Remarketing , also referred to as reusing equipment, is recognized as the friendliest form of recycling.

Many IT assets have a residual market value subsequent to their use within your place of business. Once corporate and customer data is sufficiently removed with verification, why not allow EPC, Inc. to maximize any remaining value your no longer serviceable IT equipment might hold? Reuse is recognized as the friendliest form of recycling – too often we take the terminology to mean the tearing down of a product to raw feed stock for reuse in new product.

You can always be assured you are getting the maximum valuation from your assets, and unlike many other firms – your payment will be promptly received whether EPC, Inc. sells the equipment, or not. Once equipment is deemed as non-obsolete in the marketplace, EPC, Inc. technicians audit the gear for functionality and configuration. Once it is further discerned the equipment is operational, and can be refurbished for resale – the equipment is purchased from you without delay.

No longer will you have to entrust an asset recovery concern to sell your once valued asset, before you realize any return against it. EPC, Inc. maintains a purchasing matrix for all IT and related equipment, reviewed quarterly for market vacillation. Settlement for re-marketable equipment assumed is typically within 30 days of receipt within an EPC, Inc. facility.

When equipment is truly at end-of-life status, and reuse is not an option – EPC, Inc. offers this form of recycling, as well. However, if we can discern value remains, it can result in substantial remuneration of funds to your firm. Our well-experienced sales team and product managers allow EPC, Inc. to keep our finger on the pulse of the used IT resale market through hundreds of asset sales, daily.

In some instances, consignment sale of re-marketable product is the client’s preferred methodology over our standard business model of for surplus asset purchasing. In keeping with our commitment to complete flexibility, consignment sale of product is fully attainable and welcomed.

A percentage split of the sale of the equipment within a to-be-determined amount of time for the sale of the equipment is agreed to. Once the agreed to amount of time for the consignment sale is completed, EPC, Inc. will purchase all remaining to-be-sold product under its normal business model for purchasing of surplus assets.